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Best Solar Deals in Oakland California

Solar Panel Prices in Oakland California

Solar Panel Installation at the best price

Semper Solaris provides the best solar panel installation in Oakland at quite an effective rate. But before going to our service you need to know why solar panel installation at homes is important. Here are the top reasons why solar panel installation is embraced by most homes today: Solar energy is renewable energy. Unlike traditional electricity the source of which is from fossil fuels, the solar panel absorbs energy from sunlight thus making it environment-friendly. So, when you switch to solar energy you are making your home free from carbon footprints. As solar energy is environment-friendly, the government is highly appreciating people who are installing solar panels at home. Basically, the government is paying rebates and tax credits to people who are opting for solar energy. You can get up to 50% rebate back after installing a solar panel at home. So if you are spending thirty thousand dollars on installing a solar panel system in Oakland, you will get back nine thousand dollars as a rebate from the government. Isn't that a great opportunity to get returns from your investment? So don't waste your time, install a solar panel system now before it becomes a necessity in the city. The solar panel is the biggest investment you are making for your home.

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